About GOP


What is GOP?
Global Outreach Programme (GOP) is an internationalization program to further globalize the students of UTM through academic visits to universities around the world. In 2009, about 100 students participated three GOPs to Thailand, China and Brunei. This has opened up the horizon and extended students’ experience to the higher education in other countries. The exposure of the overseas visits and organizing the GOP helps to develop students’ generic skills and add values to their study programs.

Purpose of GOP?

By participating in the GOP, students will have the opportunity to broaden their personal, academic & professional horizons. Through the programme, students can :
  • Globalize their educational experience by adding an international dimension to their degree
  • Enhance academic opportunities beyond those offered by UTM
  • Establish professional & career opportunities by networking with other students, academics & professional organizations
  • Improve language skills, cross-cultural understanding & cross-cultural & interpersonal communication
  • Experience personal growth by developing self confidence, independence & social skills
  • Incorporate these new experiences into their resumes so that they stand out from the crowd in an ever increasingly global workforce

Global Outreach Programmee to Seoul, South Korea 2012

 Crossing the Knowledge & Culture Boundary of Asia

 3 - 10 February 2012

 Seoul National University
 Chungnam National University
 Korea Advance Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST)

  • Sharing and promoting a culture of intellectual and research activities at UTM to the international level and vice versa.
  • Gain exposure and expand knowledge in the field of mechanical-materials engineering
  • Share and learn the culture and way of life once improve the relationship between the two countries.
 17 Students and 1 Lecturer of Mechanical-Material Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical  Engineering, UTM.